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Meet the Indian artisan family who makes our sacred geometry pendants

We are an artisan family based in Rajasthan, India.  For the past 25 years we have been making handmade jewelry and fine art objects.  In 2011, we established an import and export firm run by our family of five, along with a wonderful team.

Samuel has been connected with us since the firm was established.

I want to tell you about one of our rituals…Every month we donate 10% of our profits towards the welfare of local India relief society.  As the years passed, we realized it’s not enough to donate gifts to people.  Instead, we can help people to do the same as us, make them prosperous enough to survive both economically and health-wise.

We started training many people with skills, providing employment among people who had no source of income due to under-education, low caste taboos, etc. These conditions are still quite common in India today.  The gap between rich and poor has been growing wider.  It will keep growing wider unless people like us, NGOs, NPOs, and other social organizations focus on uplifting society rather than only on profit-for-self.

At present we have adopted five families who work and earn through us. This year we have promised to adopt more families.  This is becoming quite a responsibility.

We have been training the kids above fourteen years of age and grownups with various skills, so they can earn an income.

Under-education and no education at all, play a nasty role, increasing the numbers of unemployed.  Our family has also adopted one school where maintenance, stationary, uniforms, sanitation, etc. are provided by us.

As we move along, we are meeting other generous personalities with the same giving energy as us.  We team up wherever we can.  To bring a remarkable change in society, we need to connect with more and more people who wish to serve the lower 90% of society.

On May 31, 2017 we registered our NGO.  It now has more than 34 trained volunteers.

January 2018, we began an immense project, training over 5000+ Boys and 5000+ Girls about menstruation; and, the importance of bio-degradable sanitary pads for girls. We accomplished this in just 60 days.  Now over 35+ government schools in and around our area of Rajasthan are re-supplied every month.

So as you can see, a lot of effort goes into these little pendants made with all our dedication, soul and love.  From them comes our livelihood and our way of sharing joy with our people.  For all the families attached to them, this is how we are making the world more beautiful.

We are grateful for receiving your showers of love and support for our Artisans, Educational Work and the good health of India.